Crunch Creations welcomes you

Posted by Tobias Timpe on July 6, 2012 with 3 Comments

Our main page is located at which describes some of the teams we want to create.   It is my plans to create teams of people with a large variety of skill sets from Programming Languages,  Operating systems,  IDE’s,   Web Frameworks,  Graphic Artists, Musicians, and even Actors.

We are all about providing higher quality agile software development for web, desktop, phones, and tablets.

For those people wanting to be Crunch Creations members, my plans are to also open it up for them to “Try out” to be a member.   It is my plans to post a link on my Facebook pages and which I plan to use for announcements until this blog starts seeing more traffic.

So I want to open up this blog for discussion and ideas on how you think we should “vet” our new members,   and collectively build up a database of skills,   what fields we need for the database tables for a “skill” record,  and how extensively we should “test” our candidates before enrolling them into being an honorary team member.

What do team members get,  you might ask?   Probably not much initially, until our database of team members start building up, and more Projects get on the boards.

But right now,  lets discuss this,  as I’m open to feedback on how you think Crunch Creations can monetize itself,  as we file for our LLC status, and license to do business and start to sell our services,  offering those services outlined in